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Turtledove Home Care works with doctors, hospitals, and loved ones to create an individualized care plan for each of our clients. These services may include:

Personal Care / Hygiene Assistance​

We help with bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, basic incontinence care and similar activities.


Dementia Care​

Care of the client with dementia is very specialized, requiring understanding of the disease process and each client’s individual journey through the disease. Our Director of Client Services is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and our caregivers are thoroughly trained and have experience working with clients with dementia.

Light Housekeeping​

Assisting a client with daily household tasks to keep the home tidy and organized can make all the difference in his or her overall wellness. Our caregivers accomplish this with light dusting, sweeping or running the vacuum and washing dishes after meals. Additionally, our caregivers will tidy bathrooms after use by the client, make the bed, change sheets regularly and do the client's laundry and ironing. It is recommended that a cleaning service be hired for heavier cleaning such as deep cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms, washing the floors, window washing, etc.

Meal Preparation​

Good nutrition is a critical part of maintaining wellness. Our caregivers can prepare and provide nutritious and tasteful meals based on the client’s personal preferences and dietary restrictions. Caregivers can also prepare meals for our clients to be stored for later use.


Clients are transported to and from doctor appointments, shopping and other activities.


Don't let your busy schedule allow your loved one to be at home alone. Our caregivers help our clients avoid loneliness by spending one-on-one time reading, playing games, and simply conversing.

Fall Prevention

Our caregivers are trained in fall prevention techniques.

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